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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Calendar integration using ics file in PeopleSoft

To do this , you should have a basic knowledge of iscripts.

Steps to create an icalendar.

Create an HTMLobject which contains icalendar script. The icalendar file (extension: .ics) is accepted most of the calendar programs like outlook etc. It helps us to send the schedules/appointments/meetings/anniversaries etc.

The icalendar script is placed in an HTML object.
After that create an iscript which uses the HTML object to render icalendar functionality.

Below are the snapshots.

Below is the ics file output in outlook.

Once the event is saved , we can see the same in outlook calendar as shown below.
This completes the basic icalendar example. We can also modify the ical script to add alarms to alert us on the particular event etc.

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