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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Component Interface Part1

You might have already heard about Component Interface (CI) as a medium through which we can insert data into component.

Agenda: Creating CI.

 Lets discuss some basic steps which are required to develop CI.

1. Assign component to CI through App Designer.
2. Check the validity of CI.
3. If no errors great!! If some errors , it will show 'X' marks in the CI structure.
    Below are some possible reasons for these errors.
    a) Key structure mismatch between CI and Component.
    b) Some property is missing which needs to be added to CI.
   Note: Even though if you donot get errors, later point in time if underlying component is changed     make sure to make CI to be in Sync with the component.
4. Cross check the Mode in which you want to use the CI like Add mode etc.
5. Testing the CI from App Designer by passing some data to the key values of component.
6. And lastly , add the permission list to CI.

Generally for many of the Delivered components PeopleSoft comesup with Component Interfaces.
So if any of these delivered components are customized then we have to make sure the CI is in sync with the new structure.

Component Interaces also called as CI in short, are also known as Enterprise Integration Points (EIP).

Before going further, we shall see one example of how to insert data through CI.

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