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Thursday, September 26, 2013

PeopleSoft Security: Row Level Security Part 1

One of the topics which needs attention in PeopleSoft Security is Row level Security.
In Organizations, we have different people occupying different roles and each role
has its own responsibilities.
A Single person may handle two roles which he needs to perform in the organization , say Employee role and Manager role etc. Through Row level security data is secured such that it will be viewed by only authorized users.
Let's consider a college which offers courses in different Domain. To make it more simple lets consider there is Computer Science Department and Information Technology Department and Civil Department.

And below are the entities
Assistants Professors
Head of the Department

As we know there are certain subjects which are common between Computer Science Department and IT Department, same professor can teach same subject for both of the Departments. Some Professors only teach CSE or only teach IT.

Let's say Professor A teaches CSE and IT Departments
Professor B teaches only CSE Department.

From the above scenario,  Professor B can access the records of students only from CSE Department and Professor A can access records of students from both CSE and IT Departments. This is nothing but making data available to authorized users by encapsulating unwanted data. The term we use in PeopleSoft for this is 'Row Level Security' where each entry in the database table is considered as a row of data.

If we are familiar with Set Theory in Mathematics, its the same concept used here.  Below is the diagram which shows the level of access each Professor has to the data in the system.

As of now we have just seen the conceptual part. Let's see how to setup the data level security in PeopleSoft with an Example in the next post.

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Geek@Bang said...

This is very helpful. I am looking forward for your next post about the row level security with an example.