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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Time And Labor: Some useful Info -- Part 1

Time And Labor:
As the name itself suggests, it captures the time consumed for each of the efforts. Based on hourly rate, the employee is paid through payroll.

There are two types of noting time in PS.
1. Punch time -- Captures Time IN and Time OUT. say Lunch 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
2. Elapse time -- Captures time in periods. say 8 hours etc.

Base Benefits: Some Useful Info -- Part 1

Where do we set Age limit for Dependents in Benefits Module?
Setup HRMS --> Product Related --> Base Benefits --> Rates and Rules --> Dependent Rules Table.

Where do we setup to exclude disabled from Age limit for Dependents in Benefits Module?
Setup HRMS --> Product Related --> Base Benefits --> Rates and Rules --> Dependent Rules Table.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Core HR : Some useful info -- Part 1

Action Stat Table:
 We have come across tables such as ACTION_TBL (Action Setup Table) and ACTN_REASON_TBL (Action/Action Reason Combinations). There is one another table, ACTION_STAT_TBL where we can see the list of all possible Action that can be applied on a Job row.

Though it contains both the delivered/custom actions, we can distinguish them using the value stored in the SYSTEM_DATA_FLG.
Application Version: 9.1

Payroll Status field on Job Data:
As we know the importance of the payroll status filed, which is used by Payroll. The field behind the scenes used is JOB.EMPL_STATUS !!

Some known values for EMPL_STATUS
A - Active
L - Leave
P - Leave with Pay
S - Suspended
R - Retired
T - Terminated

Next question is what is the field used for HR Status? .....
It's nothing but HR_STATUS !!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time and Labor Tables

Contains high level data of an employee like Workgroup, Taskgroup, Time Reporter Status.

Extracts employee time reported data.
Both the elapsed and punch type data is stored in this table.
TL_QUANTITY is field which stores the reported hours data.
DUR field contains Date value.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

File Layout: Previewing Input Data

Some useful information related to previewing data in File Layouts.

1. Preview file data is available only for FIXED and CSV file layouts.
2. With an XML file, you cannot preview the data

The preview data appears only if you selected an import file, if the file format matches the format specified for the file layout definition, and if it contains a file record ID that matches the file record ID of the selected segment.

Source referred from PeopleTools 8.52

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

BI Publisher: Please close MS Word and try again

When you get below error while installing BI Publisher Desktop version make sure that all MS office related items like Outlook,MS Word etc are closed.
Then try installing again.
This would mostly resolve the issue.

Error: Please close MS Word and try again

Friday, May 8, 2015

Override Search Record

Why do you override a search record? What are the scenarios you come across to implement this option?

Ususally, component search records will do. They help us in getting the required data onto the search page.
Below are few such cases, where you would be using 'Override Search Record' option.

1. May be you come across a scenario where when you access component should have one
    search  record and when you access component through Component Interface another
    search record.

2. Also another case is, if you want to register the same component  to be available at two
    different places in PIA.