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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Component Build Processing in Add Modes

Component Build Processing in Add Modes

After search processing in add or data-entry modes, the Component Processor:

1) Initiates the PreBuild event.

2) Runs default processing on all page fields.
This enables you to set default fields programmatically using FieldDefault PeopleCode.

3) Initiates the RowInit event on all fields in the component, which triggers any RowInit PeopleCode associated with the record field or component record.

This enables you to initialize the state of page controls, using RowInit PeopleCode, before the controls are displayed. (RowInit enables you to set the values of non-blank fields programmatically, whereas default processing is used to set blank fields to their default values.)

4) Initiates the PostBuild event, which triggers any PostBuild PeopleCode associated with the component record, enabling you to set global or component scope variables that can be used later by PeopleCode located in other events.

5) Initiates the Activate event, which triggers any Activate PeopleCode associated with the page about to be displayed, enabling you to programmatically control the display of that page.

6) Displays a new component, using the search keys obtained from the Add or Data Entry dialog box, with other fields set to their default values.

Event flow

prebuild --> field default ( record field default, component record field default) --> rowinit( record row init, component record row init) --> post build --> page Activate

some of the content taken from peopletools 8.49

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