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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Overview of Registring a Component

This is the final stage of the Development.

Development Steps: Fields --> Records --> Pages --> Component --> Registration.

Once Registration step is completed the page will be available in the browser. The user can start transactions.

Registration can be done 2 ways:
1. Through Application Designer.
2. Through PIA

Pre-Requisites before Registration:
1. Menu should be created already to which the component is added.
2.Permission list should be created already which will be used to assign security to component.
3. Folder should be created to which this component is placed under the Menu.

Every component created in App Designer will be attached to a content reference.
Conten Reference is nothing but a URL which references a transaction page. The URL contians all parameters which are required to access the component.

Can we have same component available at multiple places in the online portal?

We can have same component registered more than once provided the component are added to different Menus.

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