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Thursday, August 22, 2013

PeopleSoft: Audit Actions.

From the previous post, we have seen various ways of Auditing. Let's see the easy way to understand the Record Level Audit with below example.
Below is the sample Transaction Record and Audit Record.
 Lets now do below transactions and see how data is stored for Record Level Audit.

Scenario 1: Insert a new effective dated row for a Deduction.
Action : 'A'

Scenario 2: Changing a Non-Key Field.
Action : 'C'
Scenario 3: Changing a Key Field.
Action : 'K'
Action : 'N'                                      

Scenario 4: Deleting a row.
Action : 'D'
Note: The tables mentioned are only for example and the fields with * can be understood as KEY fields.

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