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Thursday, September 19, 2013

BI Publisher: Basics in creating a RTF template

BI Publisher in PeopleSoft helps us to view output in different formats.
We use templates to design the output layouts. Let's see a sample example below.

Data Preparation:
I had an XML file which has Band and Description.
There are 20 rows of data. Now lets load this data into the template.

Loading Data into the Template:           
Open the MS Window and Go to Add-ins tab and click on Data-->Load XML Data. 

Designing the Template:
After that drag the fields from the Field Brower onto the document as shown below.

Below is the final draft of the document which has Band and Description.
Now Click on Preview to view the Output. In the Output our expectation is to view all 20 rows but to our surprise there is only row which comes up. This is because we have not looped through all the rows of XML.

To loop through all the rows, we need to add the for-each tag. Now let's add this tag and view the output.
Tag used in this example: for-each:@row_Band

Now lets see the preview below. As expected now we get all rows in the output.

This completes the sample example of designing a report layout using RTF template.
We will see in next post on how to place headers in the template.

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