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Friday, January 24, 2014

PeopleSoft: Working with grids have same record at Level 0 and Level 1

In PeopleSoft, we use grids to populate data in a list wise manner. And generally in Setup pages, we see same record being used at Level 0 and Level 1.

In such case, there was an issue that creeped up while saving the data in the page. Along with the data in the grid , extra row gets inserted to the database record which contains only data for Level0 fields.

To avoid the unwanted row, it is noticed that the page design is causing the issue. The Level 0 field which we enter data from Search Page is in Edit mode. So the Component Processor allocated buffer for the Level0 fields expecting some data. During Save , along with Level1 data in grid , Level 0 data also got inserted.

To resolve the issue, the Level 0 field is made 'Display Only', such that Component processor will treat this field as 'Read Only' and does not allocate buffer. Now when we save data , only data from the grid gets inserted.

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