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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Application Engine: State Record

State Record:

1. The record that ends with '_AET' is identified as State Record.
2. Used in Application Engine program.
3. As name itself says 'state' meaning we get to know the state of data (snapshot) that is passed through the program.
4. quite useful in restart logic, where if a process goes to NoSuccess, after correction we can restart the program from the point where it got abend.
5. State Record can by derived work record or a physical record.
6. When a program is designed for Restart enabled logic, then it would be ideal to have state record type as physical record as it stores the data to the database before the abend.
7. In case of Derived work record, during restart failure the fields would be initialized to default values.
8. There can be 200 state records but only one of them can be primary record.
9. While passing parameters to State record, if it is primary one then no need to mention the record.field format. we can directly assign to the field using %select and %bind variables.
10.To refer fields in the State record, use %BINDS.
11.It should contain Process instance as the first and the only Key field.
12.We can also share the data of one state record from one AE program to another.
13.State Record contains only one row of data for each process instance.
14.Along with passing data, we can also have other fields to store the flag values. Flag values usage helps us in Parallel processing.
15.To set values in the State record, use %SELECT.

Snapshot of Sample State Record shown below.

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