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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Core HR : Some useful info -- Part 1

Action Stat Table:
 We have come across tables such as ACTION_TBL (Action Setup Table) and ACTN_REASON_TBL (Action/Action Reason Combinations). There is one another table, ACTION_STAT_TBL where we can see the list of all possible Action that can be applied on a Job row.

Though it contains both the delivered/custom actions, we can distinguish them using the value stored in the SYSTEM_DATA_FLG.
Application Version: 9.1

Payroll Status field on Job Data:
As we know the importance of the payroll status filed, which is used by Payroll. The field behind the scenes used is JOB.EMPL_STATUS !!

Some known values for EMPL_STATUS
A - Active
L - Leave
P - Leave with Pay
S - Suspended
R - Retired
T - Terminated

Next question is what is the field used for HR Status? .....
It's nothing but HR_STATUS !!

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