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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Application Engine: Dynamic Message Catalog

Usually , we use Message Catalog to display Warning/Error Messages. Sometimes, due to requirements we are tend to show dynamic messages.

For example, if an Employee applies for a leave, we can show a soft message saying ' Leave approval request sent to Ram,K' assuming 'Ram,K' is the supervisor of the Employee. For other Employee, it could be different supervisor name.

To make use of dynamic message, we use %bind variables in the Message Catalog.

Now in our current post, we will see how to invoke Dynamic messages from with in Application Engine program.

We may come across a requirement, where we need SQL trace only on certain important SQLs.
In general, we set the SQL trace setting in AE process definition which generates trace for all SQLs.

To cater the requirement, we can make use of dynamic messages.
 %bind from Message Catalog is replaced with the data from Parameters section.

Below is the snapshot.

From AE , the Message Catalog uses the Parameters

Message Catalog Entry:

 So the End message could look something like " A total of 1200 rows were inserted from PS_JOB into table PS_REC1_STG

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