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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

File Layout : How to edit the field starting position for csv file

During development, we may come across requirements where we need to add fields to the file layout.
For file layouts of type CSV, we might have faced issues adding the length attribute for each field in the file layout.

Say , File Layout, accepts maximum 1000 characters in length and as of now there are 10 fields which take upto 950 characters.
If you want to add two new fields 10 char each , then the last field should start at position (950 + length of prior field).
At this stage, the starting position is shown as 1 and is Read Only. Thus we end up unsuccessful in editing the field.

To overcome this, we can change the type of file to TXT and then enter the start position. After that go back to File Type and revert back as CSV and save.

This should now show the new fields with new starting position.

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